North America SIT DOWN

Sit Down Grandstand Seating comes in several configurations:  bench, bucket and tilt up styles.  can be built in a variety of ways:  straight, curved, elevated, non-elevated, or in a combination of these.  For lower stands the support system is of aluminium triangles.  For higher stands, scaffolding is used.

The 4 gradients available are: 7, 14, 21 & 28 in any combination.


Our extensive experience in the erection and dismantle of seating in various configurations, on difficult terrain and extreme heights  or slopes, gives us the experience to help our clients on any project.  

Our  professional engineering staff is in-house and has over 15 years experience in all facets of the seating business.





Sit Down Manufacturing is licensed to sell and manufacture all seating and staging products of Sit Down Sweden.  These products are widely regarded as the world’s finest for quality of materials and engineering.  Because of this, our seating is quickly becoming the standard in high profile spectator events.  Our proprietary temporary seating systems are constructed entirely of light weight anodized aluminium which saves on labour and freight while being simple and safe to assemble.  The fit and finish of these extruded aluminium parts renders our fully assembled grandstands and stages a modern, clean & minimalistic aesthetic appeal.  The system represents over 25 years of practical experience in the special events business which Sit Down began in Europe.



Engineering services

Custom Fabrication of Parts

Site Layout

Grandstand Configuration

Suites, Camera Towers, Press Boxes

Crowd Control Barriers





Grandstands & bleacherB

VIP Suites

Staging & Podiums


Crowd Control Barriers







Superior to wood
(no splinters, cracking or absorbing moisture)


Flexible configuration
(straight, curved with slopes of 14, 21, or 28 degrees)

Meets or exceeds all building & safety codes

Faster to erect & dismantle than any other system
(reduces site access times)

Maximizes spectator numbers

Indoor or outdoor use




All Aluminium Staging Parts






Staging Platforms


Staging Joints



Custom Stairs



Safety Handrails


Access for Elevated Bleachers